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Temperature Profile System HTC-6B:

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HTC-6B temperature profile is a microcomputer-controlled intelligence instrument, suitable for testing and recording of temperature diagrams.
This instrument can write down and store one to six sets of temperature data at the same time, with six independent data gather channels. This instrument communicates with computer through Rs232 data interface, can finish many functions such as data gathering, data storing, data inquiry and diagram printing through the software kit. This instrument performance is reliable, and the functions are abundant, easy to operate.

Main function
It can carry out the setting of channel number, sampling frequency, sampling time, communication rate and other functions.
It can draw a temperature profile by communication interface and provide storage, call out and print out temperature profile.
Stand alone inquiry and testing data function.
Power off protection function: Story the data when power off.

Technical Specification
Temperature Range                   0-1000°C
The Number of Channels          6 Channels
Single Way Testing Accuracy    0.5%
Relatively Error of Six Way        ≤±1°Cº
Sampling Interval                       0.3—25.0 S continually adjustable
Capacity                                      16000 temperature record point
Communication Mode             Standard RS232 Serial Port
Display Mode                             LCD display
Working Power                          220V 50Hz


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