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Electronic components rack automatic (semi-)plating line:

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Application: The mass production of chip component and micro metal parts;Pretreatment, silver plating, nickel, gold plating and tin plating of electronic components.
Project experiencesElectroplating automatic production line for PCB electroless copper plating , DCB electroless nickel plating, microwave aluminum oxide, aluminum coated silver, ceramic metallization plating nickel gold etc.
Features: Reliable system, high product efficiency, bright, fine and uniform appearance. The line takes man-machine interface touch-screen control management. It can effectively monitor the data, PH, time and running conditions etc,and is easy to adjust process parameter quickly according to different process feature.
Technical Specification:Cantilevered crane, the running rate of crane: 0-25 m/min, lifting rate of crane: 0-12 m/min, the lifting weight: 50-80 Kg.
Options: Special roller, solution online testing and automatic feeding, roller with speed regulator, computer control system, and rectifier automatic control system etc.


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